To develop effective therapeutic methods to improve the mental health and wellbeing of our communities.

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What is the Biko Method?

The Biko Method is a process that’s been developed to help individuals suffering from mental and emotional instability, work through their own personalized process of releasing their Emotional Footprints and give them lasting relief. The intention behind this process is to connect with the subconscious mind, locate the program that was created and then release it through a therapeutic process. Learn more on the Biko Institute website.

What is an Emotional Footprint?

If you think that you are Emotional Footprint free, guess again! Emotional Footprints affect us all, and in every area of our life. They are subconscious programs that bring our attention to our false beliefs; and they use our emotions, our mental states and repeated unwanted patterns to do this. If your life is not giving you the joy that you know you deserve, now you know why. Learn more about how this system works in our free informational booklet.